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Companies have been investing a lot of money into innovating the ways that people commute.

According to CNN Money, here are some of the cool transport developments that people can look forward to.
Flying cars
Companies like Uber, Boeing and Airbus are working on technology to get people airborne. Startups like Joby Aviation and Kittyhawke have also been working on flying cars too.
Ride-sharing company Uber is working with NASA to introduce commercial flying cars in the next five years.
Elon Musk’s Hyperloop will offer commuters a 30-minute train like ride between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Hyperloop functions on a vacuum-like system Passengers will travel in large pods at over 600 mph. So far, Hyperloop has built a 500- metre test track above ground in Nevada.
Some of the challenges include the building of the vacuum tube over hundreds of miles which could cost billions of dollars. The Hyperloop must also travel in a straight line so passengers do not get sick.
Futuristic subway systems
The Boring Company has almost completed the building of the first part of a tunnel in Los Angeles that will transport people in the own cars or in pedestrian pods at speeds of up to 150mph.
This new development will help people to avoid traffic and get around Los Angeles much faster. This project will also be expanding and The Boring Company have announced that a regional network will be built to connect cities that are close to each other.
Toyota’s e-Palette concept vehicle
The Toyota’s e-Palette concept vehicle can change from being a ride-sharing car to a mobile store that sells merchandise. The inside of the vehicle can transform making it almost impossible to recognise that it is the same vehicle.
The exterior of the car will be LCD screens that can display different brands,
Self-driving cars
Self-driving cars may soon be a reality thanks to the advancements in computing power and software. Now computer vision algorithms have made it possible for cars to detect objects like pedestrians or lane markings. However, there is still some skepticism in regards to this mode of transport especially after the recent incidents involving self-driving cars.
Recently an Uber self-driving car killed a pedestrian in the United States.