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Prima Interactive, Distributors of the Xbox in South Africa have decided to cut the price of the FIFA 18 Xbox One S bundle in South Africa as the FIFA World Cup draws close. 

The company stated that the recommended selling price of the bundle is now R3,999. The XBOX One S 1TB standalone usually retails between R4999- R5999.

Additionally, a standalone Xbox One S 500GB retails for the same price. So users will be getting additional space but also a free game. 

It includes:

Xbox One S 1TB
An additional wireless controller

FIFA 18 currently retails for around R1 000 but with the bundle it is free.  The price is valid from 25 May to 8 June 2018. It added that from 29 May, FIFA 18 owners will be able to download the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia update for the game.

“This expansion pack lets players choose one of 32 qualified nations to live out their FIFA World Cup dream,” said the company.