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Microsoft has partnered with Razer to enable its Chroma RGB lighting support in Xbox games.

This means that keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One will soon be a reality. Chroma allows players to have an assortment of colors light up on a keyboard, and it’s also useful for spotting ability cooldowns in games like Overwatch.

According to reports by Windows Central, Microsoft started briefing developers about the upcoming support earlier this year. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans told The Verge that Microsoft and Razer presented their plans at the annual Xfest event for developers earlier this year.

Razer is planning to allow game developers to tap into its API to bring Chroma lighting effects to games. If all goes according to plan, Xbox One users will start to make use of this later this year with Microsoft’s fall update for the Xbox.

Xbox gamers will welcome the addition of keyboard and mouse support, but some will question the impact on multiplayer games.

Microsoft is allowing developers to detect whether a keyboard or mouse is present on an Xbox One, and games could potentially only match keyboard and mouse users with similarly equipped players.

(Image: Razer and Microsoft partnership at Xfest / Windows Central)