BY Hannah Adler 2 MINUTE READ

BigFive Digital is the company SMEs wish they knew. Dedicated to the growth of SMEs, BigFive Digital supports them through their five cornerstone pillars: Search, Social, Mobile, Location and Payments. But what are the five big reasons this company should be behind every SME?

1. They’re up to date: BigFive is mindful of modern trends and the latest advancements – excelling where others might lack the speed to catch up. “In recent years, as a direct consequence of the explosive growth in smartphone adoption, literally millions of African and Middle Eastern consumers are experiencing the online world for the first time,” states Thabo Seopa, Co-founder and Chairman of BigFive Digital. “We created BigFive Digital to serve and support the growing community of media, mobile, technology and software companies who are providing the infrastructure that allows local SMEs to participate in this digital revolution.”

2. They’re generous with what they know: BigFive Summit is an event of BigFive Digital that hopes to contribute for sustainability across local commerce ecosystems by sharing insights. BigFive Summit is a bid to improve the business development of all those who attend. The opportunities and challenges that arise when marketing digital media and cloud-based business efficiency solutions will be discussed and pointed out.

3. They promote collaboration: “It is very much our intention to provide a platform for market-leading African & Middle Eastern media, marketing and technology vendors to learn, share and collaborate with their regional and global peers,” says Paul Plant, BigFive Digital’s Director of Operations. “We seek to build a multi-national community of like-minded companies who share our passion and objectives for helping local business owners to benefit from the digital economy.”

4. They’re open to all: BigFive Summit is an access-for-all event. Everyone who wishes to see the growth of SMEs via digital marketing, productivity improvement, transactional ecommerce, and back-office efficiency are encouraged to attend.

5. They put on events which actually help: In Cape Town, from 13-15 May 2019, BigFive Summit will bring together SMEs from all industries. BigFive Summit will share knowledge, provide a space for networking and help companies across Africa and The Middle East find digital marketing and technology solutions.

BigFive Summit will take place at Workshop 17 at the V&A Waterfront, in Cape Town from 13-15 May 2019. For more information and to register as a delegate, visit

For speaking opportunities or to exhibit or sponsor at BigFive Summit, please contact [email protected]