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21.05.2024 | 09:38 AM

Meet the new Microsoft AI powered PCs and features introduced at Build Developer conference

20.05.2024 | 12:51 PM

We Need National Health Digital Systems to make NHI a reality

19.05.2024 | 06:32 AM

Generative AI Phones, here’s how you will recognise them

17.05.2024 | 06:25 AM

Samsung responded to Apple Crush Ad with a brilliant Uncrush Ad

16.05.2024 | 10:22 AM

Exec Resignations are back at OpenAI

15.05.2024 | 01:31 PM

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky on the Next Big Thing for the company

14.05.2024 | 03:49 AM

The new ChatGPT is trying to be a human

13.05.2024 | 11:52 AM

The Evolution of Search, thanks to AI

10.05.2024 | 07:43 AM

Editorial: Unpacking the Most Innovative Companies

10.05.2024 | 06:54 AM

Countering Pollution Outsourcing: Promoting Global Supply Chain Accountability for Environmental Equity

08.05.2024 | 10:27 AM

The Apple’s new Pen Pro is here for artists and not yet for all

08.05.2024 | 07:44 AM

From One Truck to an Industry Force: MR-Roads’s Rise to Top-Tier Status

07.05.2024 | 06:27 AM

The Next iPhone – could show Apple AI powers

06.05.2024 | 11:07 AM

How African Online Stores can fight back

06.05.2024 | 07:37 AM

Breaking New Ground: NeuroConsulting’s Role in Evolving Business Practices

03.05.2024 | 09:51 AM

Mamadou Kwidjim Toure: Pioneering the Future of Finance

02.05.2024 | 06:59 AM

Meet America’s richest inmate – the Binance founder

30.04.2024 | 08:20 PM

It’s time to create an AI version of Yourself

29.04.2024 | 07:36 AM

All You Need to Know about LinkedIN OpenToWork Feature

26.04.2024 | 09:06 AM

The Return of Dumbphones

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The Next iPhone – could show Apple AI powers

After a long delay, Apple is gearing up, finally, to embrace artificial intelligence in a big way on the iPhone. The company is expected to show off new AI-powered features for the iPhone’s upcoming operating […]

It’s time to create an AI version of Yourself

The fake AI video of Elon Musk which was used to solicit investment is a classic example of bad use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) video technology by bad actors. Sadly, this has also raised concerns […]

The Return of Dumbphones

Gen Z is sick of smartphones—and big brands are starting to catch on. For the past several years, “dumbphones”—’90s-inspired phones with pared-back features—have gradually gained traction. Plenty of smaller manufacturers offer their own versions of […]

This Tesla robot could be ready by end of next year

Tesla’s humanoid robot is still in the lab, but it may be ready to sell as soon as the end of next year, chief executive Elon Musk said on Tuesday. Several companies have been betting […]

Meta leverages WhatsApp and others to enable masses to have access to AI

Ever since Open AI started the AI race by launching ChatGPT, every other tech company has been trying to catch up. Although leading tech companies have some form of AI capability very few are able […]

The Records Company Welcomes New Era of Record Retrieval in the US

Imagine a company inundated with tasks yet making no progress because it needs to secure and verify information from specific documents. Instead of dedicating the day to fulfilling these tasks, the staff experience sluggish turnaround […]

Enjoy Barrier-free Communication with the Revolutionary Samsung Galaxy S24

With their latest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S24, the technology giant has once again raised the bar in terms of what consumers can do with their mobile phones. In essence, the Samsung Galaxy S24 […]

Inside the Battle against Smartphones

There’s a movement against smartphones. Initially it focused on how smartphones are killing productivity, now it’s turning its focus on the impact on kids. The movement is gathering momentum to an extent that one media […]

Dove just created an Award deserving AI related Ad

When Dove launched its “Evolution” commercial in 2006, it went viral almost immediately. The spot showed a time-lapsed inside look at how an image goes from photograph to beauty ad—and all the digital manipulation in […]

The Ultimate Review of the AI Pin is here

Reviews for Humane’s wearable Ai Pin are finally in—and they are, to put it lightly, very bad. Not that we’re surprised. Before the pin officially debuted last November, Fast Company’s global design editor, Mark Wilson, […]

Huawei Fusionsolar launches Luna 2.0 solar solution in South Africa

Leading global digital power and product solution vendor, Huawei has launched its innovative Fusionsolar Residential Luna 2.0 solar solution to the South African market. The product can be utilized in smaller scenarios i.e. residential, Small, […]

Google just launched its own chip (based on ARM) to challenge Amazon and Microsoft

Google has launched its own design of a CPU, based on the ARM architecture. The new chip, called Axion, will reside in the Google Cloud. Companies will pay to run their computing jobs on the […]

How Countries can respond to AI advancements

A lot has been said by the public about what is good and bad about Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now, the South African government has spoken out about AI during the AI National Government Summit held […]

The meaning of being an African Youtuber: Big audiences, no Big money

In April 2018, 31-year-old Nigerian content creator Tayo Aina’s video about rapper J. Cole’s performance in Nigeria went viral, amassing 1.1 million views. Despite that success, because his audience was largely based in Africa Aina […]

Apple will no longer support this iPhone

Time marches quickly for just about anyone. But in the technology world, it can positively gallop. Apple has declared the iPhone 6 Plus to be “obsolete” technology, meaning it will no longer repair or service […]

Inside the new Zoom Redesign

Zoom is as synonymous with video chat as Kleenex is to tissue paper. With 300 million daily meeting participants (a stat last measured in 2020), Zoom exploded during the pandemic due to its accessible design, […]

Tik Tok ban may not work

American lawmakers took steps that indicated they are serious about banning TikTok if the Chinese parent company, ByteDance, does not sell to a US company. When the ban becomes a reality it will be a […]

Lessons from the Kate Middleton scandal

It’s the scandal that keeps on giving—and has dominated social media discourse in a way few other stories have in years: What the hell is going on with Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, and wife […]

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