24.11.2023 | 12:54 PM

How Microsoft turned the OpenAI-Sam Altman lemon-like situation into a marketing lemonade

23.11.2023 | 09:39 AM

The ChatGPT boss returns to OpenAI: The Other view

21.11.2023 | 07:48 AM

Why Microsoft seems to be the winner in the OpenAI battle?

20.11.2023 | 12:41 PM

Why the Open AI war matters for everyone

20.11.2023 | 07:56 AM

Sam Altman will not come back at OpenAI, Emmett Shear is in

18.11.2023 | 11:27 AM

Is Sam Altam irreplaceable?

18.11.2023 | 04:14 AM

Sam Altman has been fired as CEO of ChatGPT parent company OpenAI

17.11.2023 | 10:24 AM

Here’s how Apple makes money. Hint: non-hardware

17.11.2023 | 06:46 AM

Eric Spofford: From Overcoming Addiction to Achieving Massive Real Estate Success

16.11.2023 | 06:50 AM

The Future of the Fridge according to Whirlpool

15.11.2023 | 02:08 PM

Huawei Joins AfricaCom 2023 and Advocates for Accelerating Digital Africa for a Prosperous and Sustainable Continent

14.11.2023 | 01:15 PM

This dating App may use AI to limit relationship challenges

13.11.2023 | 01:11 PM

Meet the Ai Pin: An AI hardware that may change how you use computers

10.11.2023 | 09:47 AM

AI Pin: The possible iPhone killer is here, brought to you by the former Apple veteran

10.11.2023 | 09:42 AM

Obediah Ayton, Director of Dhabi Hold Co, to add to the UAE’s $23B of Foreign Investment

09.11.2023 | 02:34 PM

Airbnb just simplified ways to find the best place

08.11.2023 | 12:24 PM

This ground-breaking tech could finally bring a sense of touch to virtual reality

08.11.2023 | 08:04 AM

17th ICT Summit: The Tech event to hack Eastern Cape challenges

08.11.2023 | 06:56 AM

How Shoprite Group is leading a retail sector technology revolution

06.11.2023 | 08:51 PM

Open AI announces the next version of ChatGPT

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Meet Jony Ive and his first hardware project post-Apple

Since Jony Ive left Apple to launch LoveFrom in 2019, we’ve seen his firm’s obsessive work on a historic typeface, royal documents and seals, and even one red clown nose. But we’ve yet to watch […]

Inside the Joni Ive Secretive Studio

Jony Ive is a man who chooses his words carefully. Upon leaving Apple in 2019 to found his firm LoveFrom alongside Marc Newson, Ive’s first hire was a writer who could help articulate ideas before […]

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The original Instagram logo should have gotten its founders sued—and, well, it might have if Apple and a photographer with 45 minutes on his hands hadn’t saved the day. In 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike […]

Louis Vuitton just signed Pharrell Williams as its next menswear creative director

Louis Vuitton has tapped Pharrell Williams to be its next creative director of menswear. Williams, who is best known for his role as a pop music producer, will fill the vacancy left by Virgil Abloh, […]

Inside the grave of failed tech products

There’s no denying that the Consumer Electronics Show has produced a number of truly revolutionary products. But for every success there are dozens—possibly hundreds—of gadgets, apps, doodads, and whatchamacallits that are bound to never be […]

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Prince made the case for a little red Corvette, but how about a plaid BMW? The latest concept car from the German automaker is bringing this previously unimaginable colour scheme to life. The BMW i […]

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The last two years have been difficult ones on planet Earth. As COVID-19 swept through the world, humans faced death, isolation, and social unrest. But as 2023 dawns, the pandemic feels like it is finally […]

Ideo (Design Powerhouse) just appointed a new CEO with less design cred

Since March of this year, the $100 million design firm Ideo—known for selling the corporate world on “design thinking” and wooing clients ranging from Apple to Coca-Cola—has been searching for a new CEO. Today, Ideo […]

You won’t find this Scorsese’s new (fake) film in the cinema near you

Remember that old Martin Scorsese movie, Goncharov? From 1973, with the Russian and Italian mobsters duking it out in Naples? If you don’t, that’s because it was never made—but the internet would tell you a […]

BMW just redesigned the golf cart. Here’s why you may want one.

Americans drive an average of 13,474 miles a year, or the equivalent of four roundtrips from New York to Dallas. Almost half of those car trips, however, are under three miles. That’s a lot of […]

The Design Story: How Facebook designed the like button

It was summer 2007. Facebook was three years old and growing at a heady pace. Originally for college students, it had opened to the public the previous fall. Now it had 30 million users. What […]

The Design Prototype Guide for the Designer in you

How do you close the gap between I wonder and I know? You make a prototype. A prototype is a tool that gives you a chance to investigate your ideas and explore what could, should, […]

These absurd buildings are part of AirBnB’s $10 million investment

A giant fossilized snail. A cheese wedge. A disco ball. A Dutch clog. This list of random objects might seem like some bizarre word association exercise, or perhaps clues in a disturbing murder mystery, but […]

This startup is trying to rethink cemeteries

Your environmental footprint doesn’t end when you die: Traditional burial uses toxic chemicals like formaldehyde along with steel and concrete, and the acres of grass in cemeteries use fertilizer and water. Cremation uses a large […]

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It’s wonderful to receive a warmly written email from someone you care about, but let us all admit that the email would have felt even better if it came in the mail as a handwritten […]

This African fashion designer is building the African fashion powerhouse for a global market

When you visit a chic shopping area–say, the Meatpacking District in New York or the Champs Élysée in Paris–you’ll find the best-known luxury brands of our time, from Chanel to Tory Burch. The vast majority […]

The latest on Jony Ive, the former Apple Chief Designer

If you’re scrolling through this article on your iPhone screen or MacBook—you owe a lot to former Apple chief design officer Jony Ive. The award-winning industrial designer has had a hand in just about every […]

It’s over for influencers as authentic content creators takeover

The influencer economy is on the brink of a seismic shift. Catalyzed by the popularity of TikTok and its algorithm, which prioritizes content types over creators, brand marketers and digital agencies are increasingly allocating social […]

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