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24.11.2023 | 12:54 PM

How Microsoft turned the OpenAI-Sam Altman lemon-like situation into a marketing lemonade

23.11.2023 | 09:39 AM

The ChatGPT boss returns to OpenAI: The Other view

21.11.2023 | 07:48 AM

Why Microsoft seems to be the winner in the OpenAI battle?

20.11.2023 | 12:41 PM

Why the Open AI war matters for everyone

20.11.2023 | 07:56 AM

Sam Altman will not come back at OpenAI, Emmett Shear is in

18.11.2023 | 11:27 AM

Is Sam Altam irreplaceable?

18.11.2023 | 04:14 AM

Sam Altman has been fired as CEO of ChatGPT parent company OpenAI

17.11.2023 | 10:24 AM

Here’s how Apple makes money. Hint: non-hardware

17.11.2023 | 06:46 AM

Eric Spofford: From Overcoming Addiction to Achieving Massive Real Estate Success

16.11.2023 | 06:50 AM

The Future of the Fridge according to Whirlpool

15.11.2023 | 02:08 PM

Huawei Joins AfricaCom 2023 and Advocates for Accelerating Digital Africa for a Prosperous and Sustainable Continent

14.11.2023 | 01:15 PM

This dating App may use AI to limit relationship challenges

13.11.2023 | 01:11 PM

Meet the Ai Pin: An AI hardware that may change how you use computers

10.11.2023 | 09:47 AM

AI Pin: The possible iPhone killer is here, brought to you by the former Apple veteran

10.11.2023 | 09:42 AM

Obediah Ayton, Director of Dhabi Hold Co, to add to the UAE’s $23B of Foreign Investment

09.11.2023 | 02:34 PM

Airbnb just simplified ways to find the best place

08.11.2023 | 12:24 PM

This ground-breaking tech could finally bring a sense of touch to virtual reality

08.11.2023 | 08:04 AM

17th ICT Summit: The Tech event to hack Eastern Cape challenges

08.11.2023 | 06:56 AM

How Shoprite Group is leading a retail sector technology revolution

06.11.2023 | 08:51 PM

Open AI announces the next version of ChatGPT

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Most people are social beings and need human connection and community to thrive. We’re shaped by our social environments and studies show that our well-being depends on our connections to others. And while our individual […]

Meet Goodwall: The skills social network to learn and earn by the Bawa Brothers

A hubbub of high-pitched voices and exultations was the backdrop sound to Lindelani Madonsela’s graduation ceremony at the University of Pretoria. But while these happy voices washed over the crowded event, Madonsela was imagining a […]

How will Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT impact work?

“I think there are going to be jobs that will be lost, I think probably a lot of jobs that are repetitive, cognitive tasks that are repetitive, will be replaced by AI systems” this is […]

ChatGPT Guide: How to write a cover letter

The internet has been swirling with talk of ChatGPT, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool that can write just about anything. But have you thought about how you might be able to apply AI to your […]

Why Every Top Company needs a Chief AI Officer

I strongly believe that 2023 is the year when artificial intelligence will shift from a Silicon Valley toy into a priority for virtually every business that wants to avoid becoming the Blockbuster of their industry. […]

Work Guide: How to set your 2023 work goals?

The new year is when we set personal resolutions and goals—read more, finally begin meditating. But at work, we usually leave prioritization and goal-setting to our leaders. We rely on leadership and managers to tell […]

Mentorship: A lifeline for SA’s struggling small businesses

Five lessons from a seasoned entrepreneur and mentor Over the course of his 14-year long entrepreneurial career, Clarke has learnt a number of lessons which he shares with the emerging entrepreneurs he mentors, and reveals […]

As our generation may live longer, here’s how work will be impacted

What defines a successful career is evolving rapidly as human beings continue to live and stay healthy for longer than ever before. According to exciting new research by the Stanford Center on Longevity into human […]

Bob Iger is back at Disney: All you need to know

In one of the most unexpected business twists of the year, the Walt Disney Company announced late last night that former CEO Bob Iger is returning to lead the company once again as its chief […]

Musk management style impact on staff morale

Not content with laying off half of Twitter’s staff and alienating workers with an ominous introductory email, Elon Musk has taken his unique brand of management to new levels. The entrepreneur and new owner of […]

A Business case against a 4-day workweek

On paper, a four-day workweek sounds great. Who wouldn’t want to work fewer hours for the same amount of money? Research from Henley Business School in the United Kingdom found that a four-day week could […]

Notion – the new document editing platform is getting serious and taking on Microsoft and Google

Notion has just launched a handful of new features for its modern document editor, all of which are aimed at bringing onboard bigger businesses. The update includes a long-overdue overhaul to document search, along with […]

In-demand soft skills to boost your career

When it comes to experience and skill, you may be exactly what a potential employer is looking for. But, if the person interviewing you senses you lack the passion and roll-your-sleeves-up mentality their team thrives […]

Lessons from Warren Buffett on Fear

Warren Buffett is no stranger to fear. In fact, he was once terribly afraid of public speaking. That is until he took a Dale Carnegie course to improve this very important business skill. Since overcoming […]

Developer shortage is behind the current (poor) state of innovation

A black and white collage swirls on a hospital computer screen: an MRI scan. Even to the trained eye, it’s difficult to see anything amiss. But an AI-powered computer program—using software trained on thousands of […]

How to create better flexible-work policies

Apple’s new work policy, which mandates that employees be in the office three days per week, stripped their hybrid model of its flexibility. The announcement led to intense pushback from employees, including the departure of […]

How to get more storage space on Gmail

If you’re a Gmail user and you’re constantly bumping up against the free storage limit, there are a few things you can do to give yourself some digital breathing room. Best of all, each trick […]

There’s a good side to playing video games, according to science

Somewhere in the evolving zeitgeist of the last few decades, video games got a bad rap. The prevailing narrative is of concerned parents hovering over their pubescent sons and daughters as they decay in dark […]

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