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Fossil has just released their fourth generation of Fossil Q smartwatches and they have added some great features to the watch.

The new smartwatches are the Fossil Q Venture HR and Q Explorist HR. The only difference between these two watches is the size of the casing. The Q Venture HR and Q Explorist HR having casings that are 40mm and 45mm respectively. 
The new watch from Fossil has built-in tracking, notification features like such as text, app alerts, calendar alerts, alarm clock and multiple time zones.
Some of the functions of the watch include heart rate tracking, GPS, NFC, personalise your dial, swim-proof and you can use it to pay for items thanks to Google Pay. There is Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity and it is compatible with Android OS 4.4+ (excluding Go edition) and iOS 9.3+.
The Fossil Q Venture HR and Q Explorist HR cost between $255 (R3396) and $275.
Fossil Q Venture HR and Q Explorist HR Photo: Facebook

While Fossil has released their new smartwatches they are not the only brand to make smartwatches. Here is a closer look at three other smartwatch brands:

Apple Watch Series 3
The Apple Watch Series 3 can help you keep up with your day with All-Day Assistant. With this feature, you can ask Siri to send a message if you missed a call as well as make and receive phone and Facetime audio calls with the keypad. Siri is more helpful and versatile on the smartwatch and getting directions is a breeze.
The health tool on the watch measures the user’s heart rate throughout the day whether they are working out or resting. The SOS function ensures that help will be on its way and that your emergency contacts will be notified of your location.
The device is also swim-proof, it has interchangeable wristbands and it has both GPS and an altimeter.
These smartwatches cost between $329 and $699 depending on style and wristband.
Apple Watch Series 3 Photo: Facebook

Samsung Gear S3 

The Samsung Gear S3 it is water resistant, has Samsung Pay, Bluetooth connectivity and built-in GPS to track activities and share your location. Like the previous two watches, users can receive and respond to calls and texts and receive notifications.
It can also go nonstop for days on a single charge and the wireless charger makes it easier to charge on the go. Users can also track their fitness, heart rate and steps with the smartwatch and access your apps easily. 
The smartwatches can cost between $299.99 and $449.99.

FitBit Versa

The FitBit Versa was released in April 2018 and it has a squircle design that is similar to the design of the Apple Watch. It is a health and fitness smartwatch that has features like connected GPS, Bluetooth, multiple day battery life of 4 days and more, heart rate tracking and payments on the go.
Its female health feature logs your menstrual cycle and records symptoms. You can track your steps, calories burned, floors climbed amongst other things with this smartwatch. A user can keep track of their sleeping patterns and personalised onscreen workouts that play on your wrist.
The FitBit smartwatch costs $199.99.

Smartwatches in South Africa

The Ipsos Affluent Survey has revealed that South Africa could be the next big market for smartwatches and fitness trackers. The survey looks at the adoption of wearables, smartphones and other personal electronics in 41 countries across the globe.
The survey showed that less 13 percent of South African households have a wearable technology but an improvement in this number is expected as technology becomes more extensive and affordable.