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Google has announced that they will be introducing a “visual snapshot” feature on Google Assistant that will sum up what is happening in your day.

This new feature that will be available on both Android and iOS devices from this week, will curate a user’s personal information into a single interface that is scrollable. 
Assistant will also merge these snapshots with notes and lists from the individuals other other note-taking apps like Google Keep. The app will also include the time needed for your daily commute depending on whether you drive, bike or walk.
As the user moves to and from different places their overview will be updated. Android users can also check for updates by tapping on the blue inbox icon at the to the home screen for Google Assistant.
Google Assitant has a new “visual snapshot” feature Photo: Facebook
For iOS users, they can check for updates with a long press of the home button after they have launched the app. It has been reported that Assistant will also be expanding to include things like recommendations for music, stocks that you follow and even podcasts.
Google Podcast
Just last month Google announced a new podcast app that will be called Google Podcasts for Android. The podcats app uses the recommendation algorithms to recommend based on the listening preferences and history of the user.
Once the user has downloaded the podcasts app, users can listen to any podcast for free.