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No sugar, no additives

You might know David Donde as the man responsible for bringing specialty coffee roasting to South Africa, but he is now pioneering a new venture.

Off the success of his Truth Coffee expertise, David has transferred these skills to cacao, creating a minimalist chocolate made with just two ingredients.

In collaboration with Ken Walton, David founded Minimalist Chocolate. Their ethos lies in the fact that cacao is naturally sweet and delicious — and, if roasted correctly, requires no extra additives or sugar to be enjoyable.

Similarly to Truth’s speciality brew, their secret once again lies in the roasting process. With this unique technique, Minimalist chocolate is able to reach its most flavourful form without the use of sugar, additives, soy lecithin, fructose and any other sugar alternative found in regular chocolate.

The classic chocolate bars are made with just two ingredients: cocoa & milk – resulting in a smooth, creamy texture.

The cocoa beans used by Minimalist are Fair Trade.

All products are made from “bean to bar”.

A vegan dairy-free oat milk bar is currently in the works.

Decadent Bon Bons in five different flavours: Hazelnut, salted caramel, Truth coffee, dulce de leche, and Christmas cake.

Minimalist Chocolate Bars will be available from Truth Coffee, online and at selected retail outlets. Hot Chocolate, Bon Bons and gift boxes are exclusive to Truth Coffee in Cape Town.