BY Fast Company 2 MINUTE READ

The 25th anniversary issue is out on shelves and online. This anniversary issue is a form of celebration, reflection and outlook into the future. Since the beginning of lockdown in March 2020, we pivoted from printing the magazine to publishing digitally to enable you as a reader to have ease of access to our content. This issue of Fast Company is unique in a number of ways. One, it focuses on leadership and our cover issue features a young leader of the advertising industry whose company has been recognised as one of the top in the industry. Two, it focuses on new new rules of business for the next 25 years, which will prove instrumental for businesses as they map their future during uncertain times.

The 25th anniversary issue of Fast Company (SA) shines a spotlight on a leader, Sylvester Chauke, who is a shining example of professional excellence. In this issue of Fast Company (SA) you can read in print about the leadership philosophy that got him and his brand agency international recognition. If you become a member of the Fast Company (SA) Club you can also watch the video interview and also get to listen in person to Sylvester Chauke at our upcoming Most Innovative Companies conference in 2021. In addition to everything else, I’m happy to inform you that in this print issue we have also printed some of the best content from our digital magazines that we’ve published during hard lockdown since March 2020. These include a cover feature from our first digital magazine which focused on the “Please Call Me” story by Nkosana Makate, as well as the second one which focused on Adriana Marais and the real reason why her mission to space matters for us today.

As promised, this is one of the magazine issues you will want to keep due to its uniqueness in the history of Fast Company.