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A story that’s amusing McDonald’s lovers across the globe – a single McNugget has sold for just under US$100 000, simply based on the fact that it resembles a character from the popular video game, Among Us.

The seller, who goes by the name Polizna on eBay, originally listed the nugget at 99 cents when the online auction opened on 28 May.

In the eBay listing, Polizna explains the McNugget was discovered inside a McDonald’s BTS Meal – a promotional meal launched in collaboration with K-Pop band BTS. The meal includes a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, fries, a Coke and two dipping suaces. However, none of the meal’s other components are being sold with the nugget. The McNugget is also listed as being in a “used” condition.

The official Twitter account for the Among Us game commented on the auction when bidding reached over $34 000 earlier this month.

XBox, a popular platform on which the game is usually played, responded to the tweet, suggesting that the McNugget be sold with Szechuan Sauce, a historically coveted condiment that McDonald’s has only offered in limited runs.

Polizna confirmed that the McNugget would come with Szechuan Sauce at the buyer’s request.

The auction ended Friday 4 June, selling for $99,997 with 184 bids.