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Why you shouldn’t work first thing on a Monday morning

One reason is that it helps ward off the ’’Sunday scaries“ Let me tell you a secret: I spend the first two hours of my Monday workday not working. Okay, it’s not that much of […]

How to branch out into a new industry without quitting your day job

Once you’re in the working world, it can be tricky to change career paths. Here’s how to do it strategically. If you’re stuck in a job you hate, you’re unfortunately not alone. In fact, astonishingly, […]

How to manage your workplace screen time

  During the pandemic, remote work became the new norm as companies grappled with how to continue operations during lockdown. For many employees, remote work arrangements will continue permanently. Other big names have announced hybrid […]

These subtle body language signals could be ruining your virtual job interview

From our posture to our movements, a large percentage of communication is non-verbal. Unfortunately, that puts us all at a disadvantage during video calls. Since the camera is most likely framing your face, your body […]

New study reveals early risers are less depressed

The early bird catches the worm and is way less melancholy about worm availability and options. This is the finding of a new study from researchers at Harvard, MIT, and the University of Colorado at […]

Always put on the spot at work? Here’s how to think on your feet

Getting caught off guard is anxiety-provoking for anyone. Here’s how to ensure you always have a well prepared answer. If you want to advance your career, you need to be comfortable speaking up and voicing […]

3 negotiation tips to help you get the most out of a new job

Consider what other factors matter to you besides a bump in salary, like more authority and collaboration opportunities. I recently came across a quote from a Bill Aulet, a well-known professor at MIT Sloan School […]

How late-night snacking affects your performance at work

You might want to rethink your bed-time indulgences Here’s something to tell yourself when you reach for that 11pm pint of whatever: This pint will hurt my job performance tomorrow. And it will, says a […]

3 ways to structure your schedule to be more productive

Productivity writer and marketing strategist Nick Wolny declares, “The Pomodoro Technique is overrated, and I will die on this hill.” People say college is a waste of money these days, but I’m inclined to disagree. […]

WeWork’s guide to adapting your office environment to a Covid world

The office remains crucial as a place in which to reconnect and work together. It must now serve a renewed purpose as a place to be collaborative, creative and productive, while accommodating different working styles […]

8 expressions that make you sound insensitive in the workplace

Communicating virtually has had implications on the language we use. Thus, these 8 expressions may display emotional insensitivity. The pandemic has separated many of us from our co-workers. Working from home is likely to continue […]

Daily Media Diet: Aisha Baker

Social media influencer and founder of the clothing brand Baked Collection, Aish Baker shares her Daily Media Diet – a few apps she can’t get through the day without. I work on Instagram so it’s […]

AI has a Big Tech problem

A handful of companies dominates not only how artificial intelligence is developed but critiqued. It’s time for that to change. Timnit Gebru—a giant in the world of AI and then co-leader of Google’s AI ethics […]

5 ways to salvage an unproductive day

Last Friday started well and then landed in a slump. I taught a three-hour class in the morning to a group from Europe. The students were engaged, and the time flew by. And when the […]

4 work personas that were born out of the pandemic

Now that we’ve passed the year mark of the pandemic, most of us have settled into new routines. While vaccines hold the promise of a return to normalcy, not all employees want to go back […]

Try this strategy to get your emails answered

When you use storytelling to share information and ideas, they often stand out and are more memorable to the listener or reader. Our brains love stories. When you use storytelling to share information and ideas, […]

5 refreshing ways to reach out to recruiters

With the ongoing global pandemic creating a more challenging, competitive job market, the onus rests on candidates to proactively find ways to stand out to hiring managers in what is an employers’ marketplace. With the […]

Researchers have found these 5 expressions make your email sound whiny

No one likes a downer–especially not by email, a format that makes people feel disconnected from each other to begin with. Whether you’re communicating with a boss, a colleague, or a customer, it’s always wise to […]

Here’s how to let your intuition guide you in the workplace

In an age of information overload and overwhelm, intuition is the key to discernment. Intuition is our sense of deep knowing and our natural ability to see reality in a clear, uncompromised way. Intuitive listening […]

6 ways to be seen as more powerful at work

The answer is not what you’d expect. In 2007, Marc Andreessen advocated having no schedule. At the time, he thought that working on whatever is most important or interesting whenever he wanted would make him […]

Why Tech Workers need writing skills

As we head into 2021, work looks completely different than it did a year ago. Most companies have remote teams, while tech giants like Twitter and Dropbox have said their employees can stay remote forever. In my role […]

This is how to always win an argument, according to science

You’re in the middle of a heated discussion–or fine, let’s just call it an argument–and the person whom you’re trying convince seems unable or unwilling to grasp your point of view. What should you do? […]

How to declutter your Digital Life

“How do you simplify your digital life?” is quickly becoming the question of our generation. Between packed calendars, overflowing inboxes, and the constant pull of social media and news (and Netflix) it can feel like […]

Here’s how to organise your inbox and home office for a fresh start in 2020

The finish line is in sight: 2020 will soon be behind us. Good riddance, hallelujah, and amen. As you exhale after a tumultuous year, now is the time to clean out and set yourself up […]

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