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They say knowledge is power, so what better way to supercharge your skills than by mainlining information directly into those two wonderful auditory receptors that flank your brain? Yes, we’re talking podcasts, and while the official count has reached north of a bajillion, here are six that are sure to sharpen your smarts.

There are never enough hours in the day, so use the ones you have as efficiently as possible. That’s the basic premise behind The Productivity Show, a weekly podcast dedicated to building better habits, fighting procrastination, and improving efficiency. Episodes are generally 45-ish minutes in length and often feature guests with inspiring stories about overcoming adversity and offering advice about which methods, routines, and motivational tactics work best for them.

Money’s important, but sometimes listening to people talk about it isn’t worth the investment. Not so with the Stacking Benjamins podcast, which strikes a great balance of fun and functional. There’s plenty of content here, with thrice-weekly shows that routinely eclipse an hour in length, feature special guests, and touch on topics that regular people face: where to invest, how to pay down debt, money-saving tips, and more.

New year, new you: Are we still saying that? If so (or even if not), check out the FoundMyFitness podcast by Rhonda Patrick. Episodes are generally spaced about a month apart, but the pretty extensive back catalog covers diet, exercise, disease prevention, treatments for various issues, and a whole lot more. There’s a little something for everyone here, so poke around for episodes that interest you, then subscribe once you’re hooked.

Big news stories—especially political ones—often have a strong and steady undercurrent of legal issues filling in the nooks and crannies. And the Opening Arguments podcast does a masterful job of explaining what’s going on without boring the listener to death. The secret sauce? One host is a funny everyman, while the other is an actual legal expert. Together they’ll break down complicated issues such as the impeachment process, various congressional acts, and other topics that would generally be about as interesting as watching paint dry but come to life over the course of an engaging couple of hours.

Get those creative juices flowing with the Start With This podcast. Delivered every other week, this half-hour podcast gives you something to think about and something to write about. You’ll learn to just write, which is half the battle, but you’ll also learn how to come up with new ideas, finesse and edit your output, and how to deal with all the mental challenges and roadblocks that writing has to offer. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in the craft.


If you’re looking to stockpile facts for your inevitable run on Jeopardy, then make sure to check out the Every Little Thing podcast. Do you absolutely need 23 minutes on the scrunchie? Maybe. Maybe not. But it might come in handy someday. Best of all, you can ask your own questions by calling or emailing the show directly. Let’s end with a shameless plug for Fast Company‘s own two podcasts: Secrets of the Most Productive People (with Kate Davis and Anisa Purbasari Horton) and Creative Conversations (with KC Ifeanyi). Every episode is designed to leave you a little smarter than when you started listening.