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With an MBA from UCT under his belt, Accenture’s Liquid Studio Director and Innovation Lead Rory Moore is a master in advising on innovation, forward-thinking and entrepreneurship strategies.

Rory is heavily involved in expanding the community of startups, incubators and accelerators through Accenture. He models the architecture of the innovators to suit the existing capabilities of the company.

Rapid change through digitisation doesn’t scare Rory however. Rather, he views advancements in exponential technologies – such as AI, IoT, extended reality and blockchain – as crucial cogs in the wheel of success. It aligns with one of Accenture’s main goals: To use technology and innovation as a mechanism to improve how the world operates. With this in mind, Accenture founded Liquid Studio in Johannesburg — one of several new incentives in South Africa to promote the implementation of IT trends. Liquid Studio gives clients direct access to Accenture experts who can relay key strategies. Due to the alliance ecosystem, clients are welcome to pursue innovative and disruptive technologies and integrate AI with their products. Accenture ensures the possibility of innovation and a speedy route towards it. Open access to workshops and hands-on advice – at a time when, according to Rory, business-cycle times are shrinking – are critical to coming to market faster.