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Valenture Institute is an exciting new global private online school that aims to change the face of education by arming its students with the skills necessary to make a real-world impact.

Its mission is to educate 100 000 students over the next 10 years, 10 000 of whom must be on scholarships funded out of their profits.

Valenture, an edu-tech start-up in the high school e-learning arena, blends human interaction with online learning in the form of a global private online high school.

It’s the first online high school to successfully integrate the UN Sustainable Development goals into its curriculum, through their SDG Labs.

According to the company: “This means our students solve real-world problems and obtain skills such as critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.”

Valenture students are actively encouraged to participate meaningfully in solving some of the world’s biggest problems while completing a quality online high school education that equips them for success in their individual futures.

The school’s uniquely constructed curriculum prepares students for the future they want, while enabling them to preserve the future they need.

Using a combination of technology, human support and social engagement, Valenture Institute aims to teach its students 21st century skills they’ll need to succeed in the modern world. In addition to shaping tomorrow’s leaders, the institute says it’s forging progress for people and the planet through an integrated, action-oriented curriculum.

“We have also successfully launched an NPO, Education Blueprint South Africa, which is piloting the first blended model of learning at Beacon Hill in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town.”

Valenture Institute is led by experts in their relative fields bringing together the experience and vision required for the future of education on a global scale.

Valenture’s founder and CEO Robert Paddock, is also co-founder of GetSmarter and an advisor to a number of online education companies in Africa and abroad. He, along with other stakeholders, has pioneered the Valenture Institute model based on his years of edu-tech experience.

The company is currently arranging scholarships for students in South Africa in order to make more people aware of their innovative practices.