BY Staff Reporter 3 MINUTE READ

Facebook has arguably evolved into one of the largest online communities which serves many purposes. From connecting with friends to trading goods and even raising funds. However, there may be certain tabs that you are not familiar with or unaware that it existed. 

These are some cool Facebook tips and tricks that you may not know about:

See what is happening around the world

         Picture: Facebook Live. (Screengrab). 

Facebook allows users to access live streams as they happen in real-time with Facebook Live. Facebook Live basically provides users with a map of the world. Users can then navigate the map and select a certain area on the map and the Facebook Live will then list all the live videos within that region. 

How to access Facebook Live

Simply type in “Facebook Live” in the search bar and select the first option. 

Stop birthday reminders

                  Picture: Birthday reminder. (Screengrab). 

Facebook has a built-in functionality that sends reminders to people when it is their Facebook friend’s birthday. However, some users may be pleased to know that this notification can be turned off. 

How to switch the notifications off

Go to “Settings” then “Notifications” then select “On-Facebook” and “Edit”. A drop-down list will appear, then navigate down to “Birthdays”. You can then turn off the reminder by changing the setting to “off”. 

Unfriend someone but still have access to their account

        Picture: Unfollow. (Screengrab). 

At times you may feel that you have drifted from certain people that you used to know or you feel that you no longer need to be reminded of their social activity. Facebook allows for this option where you can unfriend someone yet still have access to their account. 

How to do this:

Go to the person’s Facebook page whom you wish to unfollow. You will then see a dropdown bar which reads “Following”. Click on this and then select “Unfollow” at the bottom. 

See more things from certain people

         Picture: See first. (Screengrab). 

At times we are more interested in the activity of certain people but their feed gets lost amongst everyone else’s Facebook feed and updates. This need not be an issue any longer. Facebook allows you to see more things from certain people. 

How to do this:

Go to the person’s Facebook page then select “Following”. You will see a dropdown option and then select “See First”. 

Turn off auto-play Facebook videos

             Picture: Auto-play video. (Screengrab). 

There may be times when you are reading a very engaging Facebook post and you are abruptly interrupted by an auto-play Facebook video. You will be pleased to know that you can turn the auto-play feature off. 

How to turn it off

Go to “Settings” then select “Videos”. Then click the drop-down menu next to auto-play and select off.