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Google has updated the Google Account and released new features in order to make it easier for people to navigate their account.

Google announced yesterday in a blog statement the new changes.

“Several years ago, we brought our privacy and security settings together in one place to make it easier for you to choose the options that are right for you. Billions of people have now visited their Google Account and over 20 million people do so every day.Today, we’re announcing an improved Google Account experience. It includes new features to more easily navigate your account, more prominent security and privacy options, and detailed summaries of relevant information associated with it—like your personal info, your devices, payment methods, purchases, subscriptions, reservations, and contacts”, said the statement.

New ways to find what you need

Google users will reportedly be able to review and control data. With a new functionality being installed, users will be able to find setting and other information in their account like how to change your password.

A mew support section will also be available which will assist users when they have an issue and they are not sure what they are looking for. With the new support section, users will be able to find help with common tasks like upgrading their account storage and getting answers from community experts.

More helpful privacy and security information

Google has also updated it data and privacy feature, making it easily accessible. “We know that when it comes to data and privacy, one size does not fit all. To help you better understand and take control of your Google Account, we’ve made all your privacy options easy to review with our new intuitive, user-tested design. You can now more easily find your Activity controls in the Data & Personalization tab and choose what types of activity data are saved in your account to make Google work better for you. There, you’ll also find the recently updated Privacy Checkup that helps you review your privacy settings and explains how they shape your experience across Google services”, said the statement.

According to Product Manager for Google Account, Jan Hannemann said that the new Google Account experience builds on the Security Checkup which was update in October.

“The new Google Account experience builds on this and will show you prominent notices if we detect there’s something you can do to improve your security. For example, we might suggest you remove your account from old devices you’re no longer using or remove unverified apps you had granted access to your account data.We are committed to providing you with the controls you need to choose what’s right for you. For years, we’ve built and refined tools to help you easily understand, protect, and control your information. As needs around security and privacy evolve, we will continue to improve these important tools to help you control how Google works for you”, said the statement.