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LG is set to launch a new version of its V30 phone model which will feature  “the first of a suite of AI technologies” at Mobile World Congress (MWC) taking place in Barcelona this month. 

(Image by LG) 

LG calls this Vision AI and says that the device will focus on image recognition. The device will feature automatic image analysis for shooting mode recommendations along with object recognition and shopping suggestions. However, LG isn’t attempting to develop its own smartphone voice assistant, as Samsung has with Bixby.

Instead, the company will use Google Assistant and will be building some commands that are exclusive to LG phones. For example, you will be able to use your voice to trigger the new photo features. Earlier this year, at the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES), LG announced that it had been researching how AI should be implemented into smartphones through LGThinQ.

Additionally, The 2018 lineup of LG TVs supports Google Assistant and Alexa. The company will be building a touchscreen fridge with webOS and Alexa. It will also be developing speakers that work with both major voice assistant platforms.