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Apple’s new watch could contain sensors to monitor blood sugar and alcohol levels.

The tech company’s device could soon measure your blood pressure, blood sugar and alcohol levels, after documents listed by UK medical tech company Rockley Photonics described Apple as their “largest customer”.

Rockley Photonics are best known for tracking a number of things including body temperature, blood pressure and glucose, alcohol and oxygen levels in the blood using infrared.

It comes after it was revealed Apple is considering making a more durable Watch.

They are reportedly looking at an Explorer Edition of their on-wrist device to appeal to those who are at the peak of their athletic fitness or those who prefer to travel in more rugged climates such as for mountain climbing, skiing or other activities which could be much more intense.

It is believed that the watch would be out later this year or next year at the earliest, and would not be replacing their existing offerings but rather just as an additional option.

Apple’s most recent Watch offering – the Series 6 – has a number of health and fitness measures including a Blood Oxygen feature, sleep tracking and automatic hand washing detection.

Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, said: “Apple Watch Series 6 completely redefines what a watch can do. With powerful new features, including a Blood Oxygen sensor and app, Apple Watch becomes even more indispensable by providing further insight into overall well-being.”