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Sneaker 0 was named after no humans were used in its design and creation.

London’s Design Museum, in collaboration with Snapchat, have come together to create the world’s first entirely computer-generated sneaker.

From May 18, the ‘Sneakers Unboxed: From Studio to Street’ exhibition will let visitors try on one of the sneakers in augmented reality, and take the experience home with them.

Sneaker 0 – which exists in augmented reality – is first of its kind designed entirely by a computer using machine learning from a curated exhibit list.

To build it, a computer was trained in sneaker design by scanning thousands of sneakers around the world – from Nike Adidas, Converse, Puma, and more.

It was then given visual information of the vast collection of more than 200 iconic sneakers chosen to be displayed at the exhibition. The computer used machine-learning algorithms to study the characteristics of each shoe, to determine what makes a great design.

Snapchat and the Design Museum teamed up with marketing company GoSpooky on the project, which got its name, Sneaker 0, after no humans were used in its design and creation.

The partnership between London’s Design Museum and Snapchat sees the reimagining of the museum experience, where visitors are not just able to look at the exhibits but also interact with them and take the experience home, through the use of AR.

Each shoe can be experienced by simply opening Snapchat and scanning a Snapcode. Once the AR Lens has been unlocked, users tap on the screen and once the shoe forms, they can then point their smartphone camera at their (or a friend’s) feet and Sneaker 0 will appear, fitting perfectly. Snapchatters can then cycle through the various colour options to try them all on.

Josephine Chanter – Director of Audiences – said: “’Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street’ reveals the role youth culture has played in making individual sneakers into style icons and in driving an industry now worth billions.

“The exhibition also gives behind-the-scenes insight into the future; from new upcycling and sustainable design practices to unseen prototypes predicting the future of performance design.

“Working with Snap Inc, we have been able to explore the emerging world of sneakers designed only to be worn virtually and in a world first, use machine learning to create the ultimate sneaker.

“We can’t wait to see what visitors think when they try it on, and how sneakerheads around the world react to the design.”