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One of the most prominent factors that has exacerbated the coronavirus pandemic is the issue of asymptomatic carriers. Unlike many other viruses, there are cases where it is almost impossible to tell who is infected with Covid-19.
This has made the need for quarantines and self-isolation an absolute necessity in the global mission to overcome the virus.

However, for essential workers and staff at stores carrying essential goods, who have no choice but to be out in public spaces, this poses a great risk and they are possibly interacting with infected people on a daily basis. Even those of us popping out to the store once a week are not safe from contracting the virus from an asymptomatic carrier in a crowd.

To combat this issue, artificial intelligence (AI) and security company, Kogniz Health, has launched an AI-assisted camera that is able to detect who has a high fever using infrared technology.

The newly launched camera and security system, called Health Cam, has been specially designed for essential workers and corporate use.

The system includes a thermal camera, an optical camera and a high resolution screen. Once it is mounted on a tripod or on a wall, it can scan people coming into the building within a radius of about 5 meters. The camera focuses on the temperature around the eyes, in order to be as accurate as possible and is able to adjust to the temperature of the room on its own. If anyone is identified with a temperature, the system is able to alert staff members of the facility. Real-time alters via SMS, mobile notifications (with the company’s app), live broadcast, and Slack are also available to users on the system.

It’s important to note however, that these identifications are not a diagnostic test but merely a screening. It only measures the surface temperature of the skin and therefore will not be 100% accurate. Rather, it  indicates causes of concern that we should be aware about. An individual with a high body temperature might not necessarily have covid-19, but any tool right now to help eradicate the virus is one worth giving a shot.