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In 2013, Snapchat unveiled a feature that let you sting together images and videos into a diary-like sequence about your day, with everything automatically disappearing after 24 hours. It called it “Stories,” and it proved so popular that other services—from Instagram to LinkedIn—have been launching their own doppelgängers ever since.

Twitter introduced its own take on stories—fleeting tweets called Fleets—last month. Now it’s making it easier to share tweets inside stories on other platforms.

Twitter’s feature is starting out inside its iOS app, and works with Snapchat’s stories. (Android support is coming, and Twitter says it’s going to test a version for sharing to Instagram.) You can share your own tweets or somebody else’s through the Twitter app’s existing share feature; they turn into stickers inside Snapchat, where you can mix and match them with other elements of stories. Swiping up on the tweet inside Snapchat will send people back to it within Twitter.

Like so many things about Twitter, all this formalizes something that users had already been doing in their own unofficial way—in this case, by screen-grabbing tweets and then inserting them as images. Whatever the fate of Fleets, it can’t hurt for Twitter to help people push its brand out into other apps where stories are already a mainstay.


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