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Uniconta, a new quick and easy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for small and medium size businesses, has landed on the shores of Africa and has opened its first offices in Cape Town. It plans to establish itself in Southern Africa and then move onto other African countries like Kenya and Uganda.
The new Cloud ERP solution was specifically developed to help companies work more efficiently, faster and achieve their business goals easier. It was specifically designed for businesses that need fast access, security, and a solution that is extremely easy to customise to their needs.
Uniconta South Africa CEO Keith Mullan says the product was developed specifically for the cloud – right from the start, without any legacy or restrictions from any legacy systems. “More importantly, it’s a Danish product sold in Rands and on a monthly subscription basis. And that’s exactly what makes this enterprise solution so unique.”
“The fundamental differential with Uniconta is speed, ease of use and price. It sets new standards in terms of speed and simplicity and is technologically, functionally and conceptually designed to support small and medium-sized businesses,” he explains.
Uniconta South Africa has been established to build a healthy partner ecosystem and at the same time, create product awareness. The launch couldn’t be more perfectly timed, Uniconta will provide partners with so many opportunities and put them ahead of any competition because of the latest technology used.
Claus Klein-Ipsen, who is responsible for international expansion and distributors, says expanding to the South Africa is part of their international growth strategy, it  is an important country to get a footprint in.
Uniconta was founded by Software Engineer Erik Damgaard. With thirty years’ experience in the development of globally recognised ERP systems including his flagship Axapta, he has established himself as one of the most reputed experts in his field.
When developing any software, one of Erik’s key goals is to achieve accessibility and simplicity for the end-user while maintaining the highest level of technological advancement as well as functionality in the business environment.
As such, Uniconta is built on the basis of a system which comprises all the essential tools and core functionalities of an ERP solution within a modern and customisable Microsoft front- and back office environment.
“The combination of such software development skills as well as a commercial understanding of system development and software architecture, make Uniconta a revolutionary new business and ERP solution,” Mullan concludes.