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According to research, 92% of customers trust earned media. When a brand or company is featured in top publications, blogs, and magazines, it acquires trust and confidence in the minds of the consumers. This is why press features and good media relations are essential to establish a strong brand foothold.

Today’s market is very competitive, and the need to stand out from the rest is higher than ever. Public relations and communications companies are given the task of maintaining clients’ reputations and nurturing them to increase brand credibility. Leading PR firm Mogul Press is one such company that can help top entrepreneurs get the PR they need to become the supreme authority in their fields.

Mogul Press claims to turn nobodies into celebrities, entrepreneurs into thought leaders, and ordinary social media users into powerful influencers. And its three years of service in the industry show that the company lives up to its claims. Having worked with large corporations like Walt Disney Studios and countless startups and entrepreneurs, Mogul Press has delivered tangible and targeted results. The company knows successful PR is more about providing results than simply devising strategies.

Through robust press features, TV interviews, podcast placements, numerous clients that include influencers, doctors, tech enthusiasts, fashionistas, educationists, and many others have benefited greatly.

Mogul Press was founded by Nabeel Ahmad and is based in the USA. Under Nabeel’s leadership, the company has scaled high in a short time and has become the fastest-growing PR firm in the world. His global team that exceeds a hundred employees works from different regions of the world to curate and execute the best PR campaigns for clients. Their clients are featured on leading publications including Forbes, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and hundreds of other publications.

If you want to establish a strong brand foothold in this overly competitive and fierce market, having a compelling story is not the only thing you need. It would help if your perspective were shared with the right audience in the best style possible. Mogul Press can help clients grow by building the perfect brand story, positioning them as the experts in the field, and devising a tailored PR strategy that skyrockets their media engagement and allows them to benefit from the fruits of successful PR.

In recent times Mogul Press has emerged as a creative PR force with a client-friendly mode of operations. It has taken over the space with its unorthodox PR model, a diverse team of PR specialists, and a deep sense of delivering results. Not just promises.