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Stankevicius Group CEO and Founder Paulius Stankevicius says that current market condition is very unstable but it’s the perfect time to stack up cash and prepare for the next bull run.

International local markets are disturbed and pricing is not balanced between sectors. Some sectors like real estate are at huge peak in countries like United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. United Arab Emirates even estimated a further growth in real estate pricing due to upcoming casino developments in Ras Al Khaima, making United Arab Emirates being the first country in the Middle East to start a casino business. UAE tourism has reached all time high, it is unimaginable what will happen to UAE’s population growth after casinos start operating in the UAE. UAE will become the major competitor for Macau and Las Vegas.

Dubai has also launched the second Palm Jebel Ali. Estimated real estate construction projects to be set at hundreds of billions of US dollars.

Digital asset markets have seen major disruption recently with SEC smacking down cryptocurrencies with lawsuits, however the fact is that cryptocurrencies cannot be eliminated from the financial markets because already too many people use them, and banks are going ahead with crypto institutional sales.

Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking, a financial service division of Stankevicius Group has been actively trading digital asset derivatives and provided investors great returns especially last year in 2022 during the mega bear year. In 2022 Stankevicius Alternative Investment banking gained over 100% return on investment for clients.

Stankevicius Group CEO, Paulius Stankevicius says that the next bull run will definitely bring prices to all time highs, however we don’t know when it will happen, could be a year or two, but this can happen any time, and being prepared for it is what counts the most.

While banking sector in the US is collapsing, Stankevicius Group sees another great opportunity in the banking sector. According to Paulius Stankevicius, the safety of capital for institutional clients is at stake because we never know which next bank will crash. One of the main reasons for banks to crash is lending. When banks lend too much, the risk becomes too high, especially if the markets are turning sides into the negative direction.

Paulius Stankevicius says that at Stankevicius Group we diversify businessbetween trends and long term strategy. The good industries to be in is real estate, banking, commodities and electronic trading including stocks and crypto, and these industries have enough diversity between liquidity, shortand long term exit. Investing in multiple sectors at the same time may solve the diversification problem considering that most investment companies are not diversifying enough. Paulius Stankevicius says that for a regular investment firm diversification means investing in stock market between tech,pharmaceutical, and media companies but is that enough? What if stock market crash? You cannot short Apple stock easily like you can short BTC derivative on Binance.

Earlier, the pandemic has shown that such basic stock diversification is not enough in order to survive. You have to diversify between industries that are balanced between currently trending and stable sectors. Stankevicius Group does business in multiple sectors including financial services, general commodity trading and media sectors. Let’s dive into Stankevicius Group diversification. Financial services involve electronic stock and crypto trading, investor relations and IPO management consulting. General commodity trading involve pharmaceutical and medical equipment trading, food commodities such as sugar, rice and wheat trading, energy products such oil and gas, and other alternative commodities. The media sector covers public relations, global branding and advertising. The media sector is quite vast as clientele in the media sector fall under the categories of financial services and commodity trading which creates a robust circulating and perpetual business environment between sectors that Stankevicius Group operates in.

Now, Stankevicius Group has been always searching for the best opportunities in the market. Whether its an electronic trading position in the stock or crypto markets, or a real estate investment deal, or commodity trade deal. In the end of the day, its about the return on investment and making a profit.

CEO Paulius Stankevicius is now looking at massive restructuring and maybe even a potential merger for a new transformation for the world which is about to emerge very soon. The new world is about constantly moving changes within the changes. How crazy it may sound but the markets have transformed to something different. 30 year old CEO Paulius Stankevicius says that the earlier generations “may not get it” the way how things are changing right now in the market, and the speed that is required to adapt to all these changes, and most importantly not just to adapt but to truly understand the change and find new solutions to it and do it quickly enough to compete.

At Stankevicius Group we want to do more and we want to influence and impact the world, says Paulius Stankevicius. That is why we need to transform the entire model into investing only. You can manage only certain amount of things when operating on microlevel, but on macro-scale you can do more. That is what Stankevicius Group wants to do. To get on the macro-scale.

The world’s economy has grown over the decades into a bigger and more capitalized economy on the overall. There is more money now than ever beforeand there will be more money tomorrow than today. To become 1 trillion dollar company today feels the same like becoming a unicorn ($1B valuation company) 5 years ago, and in the current economy where valuations can sky rocket to the sky, building a 1 trillion dollar company is actually reasonable enough if you can manage to connect the right dots together – says Paulius Stankevicius.

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