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Decentralized networks are gaining popularity as people search for alternatives to traditional financial systems. ice Network is a new social crypto project that promotes trust and transparency in the financial system. Launching on April 4, 2023, it is a project that rewards its active and engaged users with free digital currency. Unlike other crypto projects, which reward users simply for contributing computational power, ice rewards users who contribute to the growth and success of the network.

ice Network is based on four core principles: trust, transparency, the power of many, and lessons learned. These principles guide ice Network’s mission and benefit its users.

Trust is an essential aspect of any decentralized project. ice Network believes that a strong and active community is vital for the success of any decentralized network. By fostering trust, ice is working toward the success of its decentralized network and the growth of its community.

Transparency is another core principle of ice Network. The project is fully open-source, meaning anyone can review the code and ensure everything is on board. This level of transparency inspires confidence and trust in the community.

The power of many is a third core principle of ice Network. This principle is about creating a strong and supportive community of users working together toward a common goal. ice Network aims to achieve freedom using trust and time without investing financial resources. This means that users who contribute their time and effort to the project will benefit from the network’s growth.

The fourth and final principle of the ice Network is lessons learned. The project’s creators understand that mistakes can be made and strive to learn from them to improve the network continually. They encourage user feedback and have implemented a strong governance system where the community decides the project’s future, including where funds should be spent and which validators to accept in the network.

Compared to other social crypto projects, such as the Pi and Bee networks, ice Network brings several new features. These features include Tap in Advance, Slashing, Day Off, Resurrection, Extra Bonuses based on activity, and many more. ice Network is also unique in its emphasis on building micro-communities. It rewards users for mining with those they invite and mining with their friends’ friends, creating a more extensive and connected network.

ice Network’s governance system is also a standout feature. The community decides the project’s future, including where funds should be spent and which validators to accept in the network. This level of community involvement ensures that the ice Network remains true to its core principles, and users have a say in how the project develops. ice Network will be available for download on the App Store, Play Store, and Huawei AppGallery on April 4th, 2023, making it accessible to anyone interested in a more transparent and decentralized financial system.

These core principles of trust, transparency, the power of many, and lessons learned provide ice Network with the foundation for a fair and equitable financial system. By implementing these principles, ice Network aims to create a community that can trust each other without the need for intermediaries. With its unique features and governance system, ice Network is a promising alternative to the Pi network and Bee network, and it will be exciting to see how it develops in the future.

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