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A woman in the financial industry who has turned her wealth into production in the entertainment industry is a one of a kind story of philanthropy and hard work. Onome Odometa has faced struggles as her aspirations to become a successful philanthropist for women across Africa have only grown. After spending nearly six years in the financial industry, Odometa began to place her wealth into the entertainment industry to share the stories of African culture with others across streaming platforms.

Beginning in the financial industry and transitioning into the entertainment industry was difficult. Not only was the financial industry a male dominated one, but the entertainment industry was also a male dominated industry.

“As a girl I wanted to be an actor but never had the opportunity. I went to the investment industry to pursue a career, but still held onto my passion for filmmaking.” Odometa said.

Being able to showcase African culture through the entertainment industry as a woman was not easy and required a lot of sacrifice from Onome Odometa. Her wealth investments were used to invest in the productions she was seeking to create to showcase African culture with other audiences.

Her philanthropy to help women in Africa become financially literate and empower them to become self-sufficient has led to the creation of Onome Aid Foundation. Through her foundation, she seeks to provide women and children with opportunities to live better lives while continuing her aspirations in the entertainment industry.

Hedge Productions has now become an independent film production company to promote African stories across streaming platforms and share stories of African culture to others.

Through her endeavors in the entertainment industry, Odometa seeks to bring forth the issues society is facing while continuing and sharing African history and culture with the world.

She has two productions finished, The Therapist and Nemesis, with two more in production for release. Hedge Productions has the ultimate goal of becoming available for streaming across multiple platforms and sharing the stories and culture of African life while Onome Odometa continues her philanthropy in helping women across Africa become financially literate and independent. Her funding for production comes from her experience in finance and independence through financial literacy. Onome Odometa has continued to have the same goals throughout her career: to educate women on financial independence, to share African stories and history through cinema, and to help others become financially literate in order to achieve their dreams. Her passion and philanthropy have pushed her success to be shared with other people. To find out more about Onome Odometa and Hedge Productions and what they are doing to help and share African stories and people, visit her website or follow her Instagram for daily updates.