BY Wesley Diphoko 2 MINUTE READ

We are entering a very interesting period in the evolution of technology. Some of the innovations we’ve been dreaming about are become a reality; there has never been a better time to witness innovation in action. It’s a moment that will require tech companies to learn from some of the “Brands That Matter” covered in the latest issue of FastCompany (SA). We examine brands that care more about what they do and the impact they have, rather than a polished logo and well-crafted public relations campaigns. This is just one of the reasons why they matter.

One of the brands, MultiChoice, from which we can learn, has developed an impactful innovation fund. In this issue we share more about how the MultiChoice Innovation Fund is enabling impactful businesses to grow. One of those businesses is led by our cover star, Siyabonga “Slikour” Methane.

In this issue we also take a different look at various brands. As opposed to just focusing on whether they are liked, or not, we examine their resilience rather than their shiny sides. We look at the impact they are having on society. We hope other businesses can draw important lessons from this, and themselves build better brands of the future.

As we kick-start 2024, we will all need guidance in order to conduct our business in ways that make us better human beings. We will be experiencing some of the most innovative tech developments, ones that will require responsible implementation. Among these will be the first AI hardware product, AiPin (learn more about it in this issue), as well as ChatGPT, which appears set to go ahead with even more powerful AI platforms. To understand more about what is happening in the world of AI research, take time to read about the OpenAI battle that almost killed ChaptGPT towards the end of last year (2023). The reasons behind this should concern all who will use future AI tools. It is my hope that more brands like OpenAI can learn from the “Brands That Matter” to deliver products that will have a positive impact in the world.

As FastCompany South Africa, this year we will also be showcasing—at our inaugural FastCompany Festival—some of the brands that can serve as an inspiration. The event will showcase many of the companies that have been featured in this publication, and their leaders will share some of their secrets. As you implement your 2024 business plans, may you do so responsibly, considering the impact of your business moves on broader society. I commit to making an impact through my writing and the stories I document, and I hope you will benefit from what’s going to appear in FastCompany during the course of this year. We will be adding new features, which we hope will add value to your business and professional life. More of these will be available via our digital platform on, Head over there to be inspired daily.