BY Gabriella Steyn < 1 MINUTE READ

WhatsApp has become the main source of communication and just like any ordinary SMS or phone call, there is a way to avoid someone on WhatsApp without them knowing.

The ticks you see next to messages, also known as read receipts are always useful as it alerts a user when messages are sent through and read. Sometimes you may not want to let the sender know that you have read a message and there is a way to mask the fact that you have read the message.

How it works: 

1. Click the menu button or the three dots above your screen in WhatsApp

2. On iOS, the Settings button is in the bottom-right corner.

3. Select Settings and then choose the Account option

4. You then select the privacy option and you’ll see read receipts will be ticked on.

5. To turn it off, untick the option and nobody will know when you’ve read their messages.



Apart from avoiding the blue tick, another tip you may find useful is that WhatsApp also allows you the ability to hide your ‘Last Seen’ time from your contacts.

To do this, you go to settings and then to account, click on privacy and then to the last seen option where you can disable it.

Hiding your last seen time will also prevent you from seeing your contacts last seen time as well.