BY Wesley Diphoko 2 MINUTE READ

Recently I spent some with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 and I saw the future of foldables. It was my second foldable device that I had an opportunity to assess. One of the few things that stood out is the fact that it was an improvement from the Fold 4. Some flaws in the Fold 4 were corrected. The gap that was easy when in fold mode was now closed. The Z Fold 5 sports a new hinge design with no gap. The new Flex hinge on the Z Fold 5 has less moving parts, and it enables the phone to close fully flat. This was such an important improvement for me as the previous gap created an impression that the device was incomplete. The device felt like a leader of the foldable category. The improvements were so clear to feel and see. One of the major improvements was the size of the device. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 was thinner than the Galaxy Z Fold 4. There’s two millimeter difference. The Z Fold 4 was 15.8mm when folded — the Z Fold 5 is 13.4mm thick. The device felt slimmer on hands.

This factor alone was enough to win me over to the foldables. It also gave a sense that the future foldables thinner. My experience with the foldables thus far left me thinking that future versions will be slimmer.

In addition to the size and and other physical features the functionality of the device was amazing. The camera improvements were easy to see especially when zooming an image. The picture could still maintain its quality.

Basically, I think foldable will keep getting better over time as seen in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. This device feels like a major computing device that has been shrinked into a size that can fit in you pocket. When you need a device to read it becomes the best device to read, when you need something to watch it becomes the best device to watch a movie. When you just need a mobile device to answer a call or send a message it becomes the best mobile device. It just needs a stylus with the device instead of one that comes with the cover. Future versions will probably add more features that will include a device that comes with the device.

It’s a kind of device that’s probably giving Samsung competitor a major headache.