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What started as a single asphalt tipper truck in 2017 has transformed into a formidable company in Queensland’s road construction industry. MR-Roads, the brainchild of industry veterans Daniel Mikus and James Rolph, has defied expectations with its rise that challenges industry norms.

We didn’t want to wait for the established players to bring better solutions; we wanted to create the solutions ourselves,” says Mikus about the company’s inception.

From a modest $100,000 initial investment, MR-Roads has achieved $13 million in revenue within its first 12 months, solidifying it as one of Australia’s fastest-growing asphalt companies.

Disrupting the Status Quo with Client-Centric Innovation

MR-Roads’ success is due to its commitment to client satisfaction and pursuit of building new strategies. Setting aside traditional bidding processes, the company prioritizes in-depth discussions with clients, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their objectives and success criteria.

We see construction contracting as a commodity. MR-Roads had to have a point of difference. This is what ‘Relentless Client Focus’ became,” explains Rolph, highlighting the company’s core philosophy.

This client-centric approach has built trust and long-term relationships, enabling MR-Roads to create solutions for each client’s unique needs.

Forging Partnerships with Industry Giants

Despite its youth, MR-Roads has partnered with some of Australia’s largest construction companies, inking major infrastructure contracts usually reserved for industry heavyweights.

It’s surreal to be partnering with some of the largest construction companies in the country when we started our careers working for them,” Mikus acknowledges.

The co-founders’ industry experience and ability to comprehend clients’ needs have helped MR-Roads create strong relationships with significant decision-makers. This gives the company an edge over established competitors.

Cultivating a Winning Team Culture

MR-Roads’ success is linked to the dedication and expertise of its team. From the start, the company has been promoting a family-like culture, recognizing and rewarding its employees’ efforts, which results in exceptional staff retention rates.

The team at MR-Roads has been vital to our growth and success. Their hard work has helped us build the company into the thriving business it is today,” Mikus says.

Ambitious Growth Plans on the Horizon

The demand for sustainable and resilient road infrastructure solutions is growing, and MR-Roads is at the forefront. The company has invested in advanced paving equipment from leading manufacturers, actively reducing CO2 emissions and using recycled materials in asphalt production.

The ambition is to create a future less reliant on hydrocarbon by-products. A sustainable future for Australia begins with its infrastructure network,” Mikus states, stressing the company’s adherence to environmental responsibility.

With an ambitious five-year plan to expand its operations nationwide, MR-Roads is to cement itself as a major contributor to Australia’s construction industry.

With what we’ve already achieved in such a short time, it seems possible to be a key player in Australia’s construction industry,” Mikus affirms.

As MR-Roads continues to challenge industry conventions, its commitment to client satisfaction and sustainability remains the driving force behind its growth from a single truck to a new force in the industry.

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