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XIX International is a trade management consulting firm that specializes on micro-process management of international trade deals. XIX International partners, Swapnadip Roy and Paulius Stankevicius, have been working in international trade sector for nearly a decade and have managed over 1,000 clients for various business deals.

Today, one of the main reasons the deals fall apart is because of miscommunication, lack of preparation and too high expectations from the opposite business party. These issues are real, and they are affecting global trade business. Billions of dollars worth of trade deals fall apart because of wrong reasons. XIX International positions itself at the center of the global trade market and helps unite business parties together for a common goal of mutually profitable business exit.

XIX International is based in Dubai, and as United Arab Emirates is the trading hub of the Middle East, a lot of trade business involves Africa. In fact, Africa is a large importer for soft agricultural commodities. For example, in 2022 South Africa alone imported goods valued over 136 billion US dollars while Sub-Sahara Africa region in 2021 imported over 300 billion US dollars worth of goods.

Trade industry might seem rich and attractive but there are issues and to be included in the market and not get dropped out requires relationship building, resources and certain management techniques. When it comes to foreign buyers purchasing goods from Africa or selling goods to Africa, trade deals require commitment of attention and special motive.

Paulius Stankevicius, partner at XIX International has been working with African companies for various commodity trade businesses for nearly a decade, and during this time a lot of advancements have happened in Africa. The companies want more change in the African markets, and they want more opportunities to work with international clients, says Paulius Stankevicius.

“I have consulted companies in Africa in different sectors from agriculture and precious metals to oil and gas, while at the same time I was working with large Asia-based enterprises for purchasing

African commodities. Representing Africa is not an easy task, there is definitely special energy around it when it comes to doing large trade deals but on the other hand, the risks are high, and we are still not seeing full transparency from Africa as see from the western businesses” – adds Paulius Stankevicius.

Middle East on the other hand, processes a lot of trade. Countries like UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia are huge importers and they facilitate a lot of trade to Africa. XIX International partner Swapnadip Roy has spent a lot of time working with the Middle East and US based companies. Middle East companies have a certain barrier around them that is difficult to penetrate. To understand Middle East companies you need true experience. In certain industries and regions of the world, sometimes things would come out naturally and clearly, however in the Middle East, things may seem very clear but it may not be entirely so.

Swapnadip Roy consults general trading companies in Dubai for various commodities. Some of those companies are African based with branches in the UAE. Helping companies to understand how to manage trade processes better is what I do; that being said involving production, logistics and most importantly early contracting is the specialty of XIX International, says Swapnadip Roy.

With the connections and business experience in international trade sector, XIX International genuinely aims to be more engaged with Africa’s companies to facilitate more business and to provide quality services to increase quality standard of global trade in Africa.