BY Wesley Diphoko 2 MINUTE READ

When I first saw the Samsung S23 Ultra I thought its size would appeal to business users. After using it for weeks my theory was validated. The device has everything you expect in an Android phone with some enhancements. Considering the quality of the camera on some Android phones the S23 Ultra is on another level. The S23 Ultra boasts enough (four) lenses to replace your traditional professional camera. The quality of pictures is superb. If you are in the photography game, this device will amaze you. I was impressed by the nightograhy feature which comes handy when taking pictures in the evening.

I took it to tech conferences and I came back with pictures that ended up on our gallery pages. The only challenge I experienced was mainly its gigantic size which makes it difficult to take pictures with my normal size hands. Beyond just using it for lifestyle and professional photography this device has proven itself to be a great business tool. The S Pen replaced my ink pen for a couple of weeks as this device became my main note-taking tool. For the first time I felt comfortable not using my notebook to take notes for work. I get the feeling that the Samsung S23 Ultra marks the beginning of merging a print notebook with a digital screen. The ease with which this device enables notetaking is remarkable. What blew my mind was the ability to even sign digital documents with the S Pen. In addition, one of the useful features is the Google Meet paired with Samsung Notes and the embedded S Pen which now makes video calls even more collaborative. Its Live Share feature enabled me to have more participants simultaneously while co-editing a document from each of their devices, rather than viewing a shared screen. Although the large nature of the screen may be an inconvenience, for some use cases it comes in handy especially when there’s a need to watch movies and actually do some work.

For the first time I felt that a device has managed to balance the attempt to be a tablet while also being a phone. For those in search of a tablet it’s an ideal compromise while enjoying the benefits of a mobile phone. In the gadget world that seeks to make everything small the Samsung S23 Ultra boldly stands for big in a way that also satisfies minimalism standards. If you are into reading ebooks you will enjoy the experience of consuming content from this mobile device instead of getting a dedicated reading device. Although I prefer small things, the ability to do so much on this device due to its size gave me enough reasons to consider it as my business companion. Amongst the recent (bigger screen) releases by device manufacturers the Samsung S23 Ultra standsout. Samsung has mastered the art of crafting a device for a very specific market thereby carving a niche market for its smartphone product. This is not a perfect gadget but it’s one of the best I’ve seen from the South Korean tech giant.